Friesian Horse

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General description

The Friesian is a horse that has elegant and proud appearance created by its characteristic front, abundant feathers, black coat color and roomy, elevated paces (impeccable knee action). The elegant and heart-warming appearance of the Friesian breed is unique in the horse world.

Conformation and characteristics

The Friesian horse is one of the most desired breeds among breeders, his formidable history of hundreds of years, his proud appearance, powerful conformation, as well as his great readiness are only a few of the characteristics that distinguish this beautiful animal. When speaking about physical features, the most common and outstanding one is his deep black and brilliant coat, jet black coat.

His particular color, adds an extraordinary beauty to this horse when practicing any activity like dressage, carriage or just riding in nature.

It has an expressive and noble head with eyes set wide apart and a long and arched neck. Its mane and tail are usually abundant and thick, they may be wavy or braided. It also has hair on its lower legs, called feathers.

This horse has a harmonious, functional, proportionate and upward build, with a long foreleg that makes it one of the most beautiful equines. The ears are small and alert, and they also look elegant. Its height ranges between 1.60 and 1.70 meters.

Thanks to its conformation, these horses have a functional and powerful build that gives them elevated paces and elegant movements. They show how flexible they can be in their trot and canter with suppleness and this makes a very joyful experience for the rider.

The inner and outer beauty of the Friesian horse spell a very bright future for the Friesian breed. 

Expert analysis



Its Head

A noble, expressive and small head in which the eyes are separated. The nasal bone is preferably somewhat concave. Widely spaced nostrils. The jaws are light and the mouth opening is long. The eyes are large and shiny. The ends of his small ears point slightly towards each other. 

The Neck

Together the long neck and the toupee form a slightly arched outline. The neck is very erect.

Shape and Size

A harmonious, functional, strong horse with long front legs and a body that is not too big. Its general shape is rectangular where the proportions of the front, middle and back quarters are 1: 1: 1.

The Fur

The mane, tail, and footcap of Friesian horses display abundant hair that adds a touch of elegance to this robust steed.

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