Certification 2017

November, 3rd- 2017

On November 2017, Ganadería Hermanos Gómez was part of the Certification of the Friesian Horse in Mexico for the first time, it participated with twelve horses and a clear goal, to search for the best quality and to develop this beautiful breed in our country. The stallion Robee van Het (Uldrik 457) became a Star for his beautiful conformation, good back and correct shape of forelegs and hindlegs, an excellent predicate to start with this plan.

Furthermore, in this beautiful place in Morelos, horses are loved, taken care of and respected; this project is just beginning, this is only the start of a dream that will become a reality: to be the best breeding site in Latin America.


We have the endorsement and support of the KFPS and AMCAF

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