Certification 2018

9th Certification of the Friesian Horse in Mexico

The dutch judges Louise Rompe and Annemieke Elsinga were present in the 9th Certification of the Friesian Horse in Mexico. The Ganadería Hermanos Gómez was the host of this beautiful event, with an incredible grass ring; the Inspection in Morelos was a success.

Everybody was amazed with the growth of this breeding site and above all, with the hospitality of the owners and their remarkable enthusiasm; Mexico is showing that it has quality, this year two fillies were granted the First Premium predicate, Hera van Hergo and Gravin Boszorg; the champion was Hera van Hergo with an exceptional trot, a filly raised by the Ganadería Hermanos Gómez. The best three year old mares were Welmoed fan e Middelsee (Wylster 463) with very good walk and trot and an excellent extension capacity; Sijke Marieke (Beart 411) an extraordinary mare with great breed type, good conformation and lots of strength in trot. Besides, beautiful Breeding Permit stallions were presented: Twan van Plexat (Sake 449), Victor T.T (Aarnold 471) and Versace Birkemose (Norbert 444). All these horses, belonging to Ganadería Hermanos Gómez have led off a new phase for the Friesian horse in Mexico.


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