Certification 2019

10th Certification of the Friesian Horse in Mexico

The 10th Certification of the Friesian Horse in Mexico had as one of its venues Ganadería Hermanos Gómez, once again with an incredible event where for the first time in our country there were granted Kroon predicates to four mares, three of them from Ganadería Hermanos Gómez, Sonya H. (Norbert 444), Yasmin van Diphoorn (Gerben 479) and Welmoed fan ‘e Middelsee (Wylster 463), this is without a doubt, a reflection of the constant search for the welfare and quality of the Friesian breed.

In the category of three year old Areane van Diphoorn (479) got the Star predicate and a First Premium for her strength and great walk scope, this makes her a preliminary mare for the Kroon predicate; Aline van de Olde Mette Moate (Epke 474) in the same category presented a walk and trot with lots of strength and suspension becoming Star with Second Premium. The mares Bentley (Onne 376) Kroon Sport and Nubiria Kroon (Wylster 463), won an orange bow as the maximum distinctive that a judge can deliver.

The Ganadería has been a starring place in the growth of the quality in Mexico, its focus has been having mares with the best predicates, this year it imported the two unique Model mares in our country, Iemke van Diphoorn and Renske van Diphoorn, which is of great importance for the reproduction of foals; with Model and Kroon mares besides importing frozen semen of approved horses, Ganadería Hermanos Gómez is reproducing foals of the same quality than in Netherlands. The big project is becoming a reality, Mexico is generating beautiful Friesians, with excellent conformation and exceptional movements. 


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